How to Become an Insurance Agent

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An insurance agent is an exciting profession to choose! There are many different types of insurance, and as an agent, you will offer one or more types of insurance to the public, as well as be the first point of contact for most customers wishing to purchase an insurance policy. It is your job to help potential customers understand insurance, along with selecting the best policy for their needs. Benefits of becoming an insurance agent are generous, including lucrative pay, setting your own hours, and getting to meet new people on a constant basis.

Steps To Become An Insurance Agent

Becoming an insurance agent requires a bit of effort on your part, however, it is not hard! First you will need obtain an insurance license in your respective state. Each set has set forth their own guidelines for receiving this license, so it is important to check with your state to know how to go about getting the insurance agent license for the state. It is common to complete coursework and pass several exams in order to receive your license. Most states also require your license to be renewed every two years.


Although not required, college graduates who have majored in business, sales, or even finance have the best chances of becoming successful as an insurance agent. If you are applying for work with an agency, some may require a college degree in order to work for them. With the knowledge you receive from college, you can be the best insurance agent in town.

Certification and Licensing

Laws and state regulations for insurance can change quiet frequently. Continuing your education or taking classes in your spare time is a smart idea so you are always aware of what is going on to offer your customers accurate and reliable information to all of their questions and concerns. Insurance agents can also undergo additional training and certifications to advance their careers.

Sales Experience

A background in sales can also be highly beneficial to one wishing to become an insurance agent. Because most insurance agents depend on sales of their financial products to earn their living, knowing how to promote and sale your product is crucial.

Customer Service Skills

An insurance agent should also be customer focused with excellent people and problem solving skills. Customers are always more willing to do business with a person who treats them with kindness and respect while maintaining a certain professionalism to them. Problem solving skills are important to have because of the many problems that can and do go wrong in the business.

Time management is also critical in becoming an insurance agent. Most insurance agent positions require the ability to work alone. You will need to know how to productively work without someone standing over your shoulder, and be able to meet deadlines and time restraints. It is important to know how to manage time to get the most out of your day.

Where You Can Find Employment

Once you have met these qualifications you are well on the right path to becoming an insurance agent. You can choose to open your own insurance agency in your town or state, or choose to work with another agency. Working with an already established agency is ideal for those just starting out. Only 22% of insurance agents are self employed. Working for an agency gives a feel to the way things work in the business, as well as allows you to gain valuable knowledge and experience to those who have been in the business for years already. Jobs at insurance agencies headquarter offices are also possible. Many positions are available through the headquarters to fit what you are looking for.

Why You Should Choose A Career As An Insurance Agent

A position as an insurance agent is a great career choice for anyone who desires. Job growth is expected to rise 12% over the next few years, especially for those with college training and those who choose to advance their training.